Our dream builders

I have long been a huge fan of Naikoon Contracting, they have built some of the most beautiful homes in Vancouver. I had always dreamed of building a home with them, but had felt that they were way beyond our budget. (even today we laugh that we are their poorest clients)  This photo was from our first meeting with them,… read more

Location Location Location

Our new property is just a 5 minute drive from our current home. Kane and I can run there in 10 minutes, and it’s just under a 20 minute walk.  The property backs onto Mosquito Creek, and is just one of 6 homes in a leafy little enclave tucked into the Mosquito Creek reserve. We are just minutes from Marine… read more

Summerfell is born

One morning as Kane and I were walking from our current home to our new property, I said ‘I have the perfect name for our new home, Summerfell” As we bought it in the Summer, and it is on Fell Avenue. Kane immediately agreed, and from then on it has been known as Summerfell.  Our home is just steps from… read more


Celebrating our new land purchase! Such a great feeling to hold that SOLD sign, of course we had the BEST REALTOR. Kane did a phenomenal job negotiating an incredible price for our land. 

It’s a done deal

Subject are removed! What a whirlwind, it all happened so fast. We are so blessed, the sellers accepted our offer and here we are a week later and it’s a done deal.  Even more incredible is that the house is about 90% designed already, and you can see the rendering in on my computer screen in the background. Inspiration came… read more