Getting closer every day

Every day we are getting closer to our beautiful new home at Summerfell. Thank you to the marketing team at Naikoon for these beautiful photos of the work in progress.  Dan has been outstanding, and has literally been on-site every day since we started.   

So much has happened

It’s been a few months since we’ve posted, and so much has happened! This photo above shows our back yard starting to take shape, with the outline of where Kane’s greenhouse will go. Kane and I enjoying the May sunshine from our main rear deck (there are actually 4 floors of outdoor space) The view from our back deck looking… read more

The finer details

The crews are hard at work Summefell. It is incredible to see all the work that goes into building a home, the attention to detail by the Naikoon team and their trades is so impressive. Even little details like how wires are run in straight lines and how framing is added to places where art will hang shows the quality… read more

A dream coming true

It has always been a dream to own a Baby Grand piano. From our first plans for Summerfell we knew we wanted it to hold pride of place and be a central feature.  We were so excited over the Holidays to be able to buy a dream piano. This is no ordinary Grand Piano, it is a very high-tech Yamaha… read more

What a year 2021!

 It was a white Christmas in Vancouver and at Summerfell, our new home looked so sparkly in the sunshine and snow. We can’t wait to decorate for Christmas 2022.  Our last blog post for 2021, and a great time to look back on all that has happened this year. Check out the archives to see all our blog posts, a… read more