The finer details

The finer details

The crews are hard at work Summefell. It is incredible to see all the work that goes into building a home, the attention to detail by the Naikoon team and their trades is so impressive. Even little details like how wires are run in straight lines and how framing is added to places where art will hang shows the quality and pride taken at each and every step. It’s extraordinary to think what the Naikoon team have accomplished over the last 9 months in the midst of a global pandemic, unprecedented global-supply chain challenges, labour shortages plus extremes of weather. Thank you team, Great work!


This is our aluminum soffit and architectural slat material made by a company called LUX – It is perfection! – and will NEVER need maintenance. 


I can’t seem to post a blog article without showing the stair case, as it is really will be stunning. 


The black metal fascia has turned out better than I could have even imagined and magnificently installed. What you can’t quite see in this photo is how a special recess was fabricated on the main floor deck to accommodate 2 15′ electrically retractable awnings.