Summerfell on Pinterest

I’m constantly collecting design inspiration and ideas from Pinterest. Please follow along and comment on anything you see.  Click here to link directly to my Pinterest.    

My favourite meditation spot

This is where it all started last year, where I came to meditate one morning in August, just weeks before we found our dream property. This place is so special to me, it is so magical to see it covered in snow.  There is a funny story about that log that is in the stream. It used to be attached… read more

A natural Christmas tree

A beautiful snowy day on the new property. As the trees were removed this week the property feels totally different. I was on the phone with my Mum and she said that the tree looks like a perfect Christmas Tree! The view to the forest and creek is so beautiful, and the Coach House will be have the most incredible… read more

Bedroom Inspiration

We’re planning on doing a lot of custom millwork in the house. There will be several walls with this design feature including the media room wall, and the 10′ wall of the Master Bedroom.  

Choosing flooring, cabinets & counters

It really is so much harder than it looks. The challenge has been trying to find colours and textures that compliment each other. Plus there is a huge variation in pricing of hardwood, you can go anywhere from $6 a s.f. to $35! And unfortunately my tastes seem to skew towards the high end.  Presently we are leaning towards the… read more