Signage is up

We were thrilled to see that the signage was up at Summerfell! The Naikoon hoarding looks sharp, plus our custom project sign featuring Kane looks great.  As an added bonus, we had the serendipitous opportunity to meet Dan who will be our on-site supervisor. Dan was full of ideas, and was thinking way-ahead which was really impressive. Dan had seemingly… read more

Landscape Architecture

  The landscaping at Summerfell is certain to attract as much attention as the home itself. The property will be extensively landscaped with a selection of native and architectural plants. Some of my favourite tree species from our current property will feature at Summerfell, including a Magnolia, Ginkgo, Japanese Maples and Cherry Blossoms. Following the direction from the City of North… read more

Spring at Summerfell

Spring has truly arrived at Summerfell. Mosquito Creek is spectacular this time of the year, making our backyard the perfect place for sunny picnics and drive-in dinners.  Although we have not broken ground there has been plenty of activity this month. The beginning of the month saw us submitting our revised plans to the City of North Vancouver, followed quickly… read more

Revised Coach House

On Friday we received 5 (yes FIVE) pages of feedback from our friends at the City of North Vancouver. WOW, it was very overwhelming at first and felt that we needed to revisit EVERYTHING. There is particular scrutiny on Coach Houses, and every department had a page of items that they wanted to see changed or added. I jumped into… read more

Our plans are submitted (again)

The road to a building permit is full of twists and turns, and at times it’s a challenge to navigate. But we’re so grateful to be working with an incredible team at Naikoon. Simon and Kevin have put in many hours to get us back to this place. Thanks Guys. As you’ll know from a previous post, the City of… read more