Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture


The landscaping at Summerfell is certain to attract as much attention as the home itself. The property will be extensively landscaped with a selection of native and architectural plants. Some of my favourite tree species from our current property will feature at Summerfell, including a Magnolia, Ginkgo, Japanese Maples and Cherry Blossoms.

Following the direction from the City of North Vancouver to remove the original Cedar hedge at the front of the property, we began to re-envision the streetscape and front garden. To be honest, I am pleased with the blank-slate we now have as it allows a truly contemporary and harmonious front landscape. 

Stepping off the street you are welcomed by artisan metalwork with the property name and number affixed to a concrete wall. At night the area will be illuminated by up-lights embedded in the footings. We came up with the brilliant idea to have 2 gates, the one on the right will access the main residence, while the left gate will access the Coach House and Guest Suite. Between the two paths will be thick planting around a feature Magnolia Tree which will define the space. 


Perhaps the most beautiful aspects of the front garden will be the 20′ water feature and pond. There will be a waterfall edge filling the front garden with the tranquil sounds of cascading water to compliment the natural creek at the rear. A built in bench offers a scenic place to enjoy the manicured garden and modern architecture of Summerfell. 

Landscaping at night

Aerial Views