The Big Dig

Excavations are well underway at Summerfell. This week saw a LOT of earth moved and a lot of it hauled away. Even though our basement is walk-out at the rear, we are pretty amazed with just how big the hole has to be. Apparently they need to dig down several feel BELOW the foundations for drainage, and footings. The hole… read more

Social Visits Welcome

Today we were thrilled to host our wonderful friend Christina at Summerfell. Christina has been excitedly waiting for an on-site visit for several months, so we were thrilled that she joined us Sunday afternoon for happy hour. After enjoying a lovely bottle of wine we explored the trails around Mosquito creek.  If you’ would also like to join us at… read more

Excavation & Site Clearing

What a HUGE week at Summerfell. Just Monday was our Groundbreaking ceremony, and by Friday afternoon the site was completely cleared. What a dramatic difference a few days can make. We were so impressed with our excavator Cam fromOctiscapes who was so careful and patient with everyone, especially the neighbours as they watched on while we demolished their fence! Naikoon… read more

Groundbreaking Day

Today was our official Groundbreaking Ceremony. We were so thrilled to see the excavator on-site and the crew from Naikoon there to help us celebrate this milestone moment. May 17th was no ordinary day either, as it is also Kane’s birthday! Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband, I could not think of a better way to celebrate than to break… read more