Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Incredible progress…

It’s been a busy few months at Summerfell. Incredible to see how much progress there has been at the house with framing complete, windows installed, and rough-in underway for plumbing and electrical. 

Please enjoy some recent photos. 

View from the living room looking back towards the grand stair that goes between all 4 levels.


More stair photos. The treads you see are temporary and will be much thicker solid treads to match the hardwood floor. The railing will be frameless glass with black stainless steel standoffs and railings. Note the attention to detail by the Naikoon team with the temporary railings (safety first)


Looking back at the rear of the house from the yard. It sure looks tall! The roof deck is 30′ above the ground. Our lovely basement guest suite is walk-out with its own spacious private patio. 


Looking from our neighbours yard. 

A photo from a meeting today in the on-site office with Heather our landscape Architect, Tyler our Landscaper, and Kiff our Construction Manager. 

So grateful for all the workers on our home. Thank you for your patience and craftsmanship. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.