So much to be grateful for!

Kane and I are so blessed and feel deeply grateful for this extraordinary and privileged journey to build a home together. 

Thanksgiving was a spectacular sunny but cool day at Summerfell, we sat on our new roof deck looking out at the forest and thought back on all that has happened this past year with such deep gratitude. 

  • We’re grateful we found this special piece of land nestled into the forest.
  • We’re grateful for skilled and passionate builders who continue to put their best work into our home each day.
  • We’re grateful for wonderful neighbours who have been so patient and gracious with us on our journey so far. 
  • We’re grateful for such favour with the City of North Vancouver to be able to build a walk-out roof deck and a coach house.
  • We’re grateful for a spectacular summer where so much was accomplished with almost no rain. 
  • We’re grateful that we sold our home in Central Lonsdale to great buyers who love it as much as we did.
  • We’re grateful for our lovely apartment in Coal Harbour, and all the new experiences we’re enjoying. 
  • We’re so grateful for one-another, building new memories and building character in our marriage. 
  • We’re grateful for God’s abundance and provision in our lives.
  • We’re grateful for having such wonderful friends, family and people in our lives who care, love and support us. 

Here are a couple of great photos from Thanksgiving on Monday @ Summerfell.