Our first steps

Our first steps

One late afternoon in September I felt inspired to go on and look to see what was for sale in North Vancouver. On a whim I searched for ‘vacant land’ and there were 2 pieces of land in all of Vancouver that were listed as vacant and for sale. 

I immediately told Kane, and the next morning we drove over to Mosquito Creek to see this very overgrown and incredible unnoticed property. There had been a house on there many years previously, but it had been demolished in 2016 and the land had been sitting vacant in plain sight… just waiting for us. 

It was perfect, backing onto Mosquito creek, close to everything we love about North Vancouver and just 5 minutes drive from our current home. 

PLUS, it was vacant, which meant that we did not need to demolish an old house full of asbestos as I had done at our last home, 

On the short drive home, I said to Kane “let’s do it” he looked at me and said “are you serious” I said, “Yes Absolutely this is exactly what we have been looking for”

Within hours Kane had contacted the agent, and he started drafting an offer.