Footings & Foundations

Footings & Foundations

The past few weeks have seen a lot of changes at Summerfell. The deep network of drains and tanks have been completed, allowing for form work to begin for the footings and foundations. It really does look like we are building 2 houses on the site, and of course we are. In fact the floor plate of the main house and the coach house are almost the same, although the main house has quite a lot of additional form work for the concrete planters and retaining walls. 

The concrete pour was set for June 29th, but Vancouver has experienced unprecedented HOT temperatures upwards of 40 degrees (104 F) so the concrete pour had to be delayed until cooler temperatures prevail, now scheduled for Friday July 2nd. We’ve been going by the site almost every day to water our fledgling bamboo and to ensure our beautiful Japanese Maple survives both the heat and the trauma from recent nearby trench excavation. 

This week I stopped by the site on my morning walk to my favourite meditation spot and had the pleasure of meeting several members of the first-class team from Naikoon. In this photo is James and Dave, with Julius in the background. Roger and Lucas were also on site that day, Dan our Site Manager was taking a few well deserved days off.  

We’ve also passed several of our first inspections from the City of North Vancouver, no surprise there. The inspectors have been impressed with the attention to detail and the execution excellence of the Naikoon team. Great work everyone!

Stay tuned for photos following the EPIC concrete pour on Friday.